Monday, May 21, 2007

Drive more traffic to your blog with Stumbleupon

I recently signed up with Stumbleupon , and it looks like a good way to get exposure for your blog. It's very simple, you download a toolbar for your internet explorer browser and click the "Stumble" button when you are ready to search through sites based on your likes and preferences. This is a good way to find other money making websites for more ideas on how to make some extra cash. When you sign up you also enter your blog and users will stumble across your blog. With a simple rating of a thumbs up or thumbs down they will rate your site for future stumblers. I found out about this site from another blog that has had great success with this method, he has nearly doubled his traffic. Check his site out under My Favorite Money Making Blogs. This system is compatible with Google adsense since the traffic is generated based on preferences. Check it out, it might boost your traffic.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Total Online Earnings

Adsense.........$21.95 .....1-800-Mail.......$64.04 InboxDollars......$9.11 .....SendEarnings......$3.65 Slashmysearch....$2.16 .....Dealsncash........$7.57 Hits4Pay..........$14.35 .....Adbux.............$29.51 ClixSense......... $2.79 ___________________________________________________________ Gross Gain...151.93 Referral Costs...-70.00 Net Gain..$81.93 ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ I've participated in these programs for over a month now and am posting my current earnings. I have also gotten rid of the programs that do not create much money or take too much time for little rewardI'm still unsure if 1-800-Mail pays, so if you take this out of the equation, I have made $17.89. So far I'm happy with this considering the amount of money I have spent gaining referrals. Going forward Adbux is my most promising site to earn money. I generally earn between $1 and $1.60 daily from my referrals on Adbux. They continue to add more ads every day and I have been paid on $21.15 so far. Also, going forward I plan to update this site much more frequently and work on increasing my Adsense earnings on both of my sites.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Time to Clean Up

I've weeded out some of the bad programs and have continued using the ones with potential. I plan to remove the programs off this site that aren't worth anyones time and pay too little. I've been receiving some nice referral money form 1-800-Mail, but I recently have been reading other sites that say this site is a scam. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and continue until I reach minimum payout. If anyone has requested payment from them and not received it, please let me know. Also, Adbux seems to be the best site for clicking a few ads, gaining referrals, and having potential. They post updates about the business dealings almost daily. I have requested payout of $10.84 from 2 or 3 weeks worth of using their programs. 90% of this amount is from referrals. I will update this site with my current earnings from these programs within the next few days and will also inform you if I received payment from Adbux.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

1-800-Mail Pays .10-.25 Per Email

If you are going to choose any program where you read emails for cash choose 1-800-Mail , especially if you don't think you will be able to get any referrals. I signed up with this program last night, and you get a $20.00 sign up bonus. Also, I've received about 8 to 10 emails so far ranging from .10-.25 per email. You have to view the ad anywhere from 1-3 minutes, but hey it's totally worth it. If you can get referrals that's an added bonus as they have 5 levels. The percentages are 7% for direct referrals and 4%,3%,2%, and 1% for referrals on down the line. These amounts can really add up considering the high paying emails. Emails are sent out 7 days a week so you can maximize earnings on your off days. You can also click on ads on their website and receive 2 cents for each ad you click on. There is only 1 downside to this program, and that is the fact they will make payments after your account reaches $100. I'm not too worried about that though, since that should only take 3 months or so. Give it a try, between this program and AdBux these are the best programs listed on my site.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Awesome New Ad Program

This AdBux program is the best program for clicking on ads. In fact, it just started up last week and is growing rapidly. They pay you $.01 for clicking on ads and their are actually a ton of them available, not to mention after 24 hours you can reclick the same ad. Awesome deal, you can't run out of ads. I have my first referral with this site and they have already earned me $.35 in two days. I'll take what I can get. You can have unlimited referrals but they have to be directly referred. Try this program out, this looks like one thats going to continue to grow at a fast rate since it just started up on 04/10/07, which means referrals will be easier for you to get.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Slashmysearch Showing Great Potential

I recently signed up for Slashmysearch over the past weekend. So far I have mixed reviews but overall you can't beat getting paid for doing next to nothing. The idea with Slashmysearch is they will pay you up to .25/hour for surfing within their site and using their search engine. You basically get paid to make them your homepage and occastionally search the internet using their search engine, which I can say is pretty effective and user friendly. The great thing about this program is the fact they pay you to do so little and the really attractive feature is their referral program. Slashmysearch will pay you .15/hour for your direct referrals and .05 an hour for their referrals. This could really add up, and takes little effort to earn. I will say the only negative to this program is you're getting paid for the time on their site, I've noticed I normally spend only a few minutes on the site at a time when I load the internet browser. All negatives aside, you can't pass up money being thrown your way. Currently I have only made $.26 from this in the past few days, but I don't have any referrals yet which should change soon. Try this out, it's fairly new so referrals should come easier.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Deals4Cash Earning its Spot

The email program Dealsncash really made a good showing today. I signed up with this program last week and typically received 2 or 3 emails a day. Today I received around 10 emails and on top of that they all ranged from $.03 to $.05 for each email I viewed! This is the best showing I have seen from these email programs. Hits4Pay normally sends 8 to 20 a day but every email that comes through is for $.02. Both are strong programs and are definitely the two best email programs I have signed up for. I have currently earned $.56 on 18 emails from Deals4Cash and they do give you a $5 bonus for signing up. I earned $.20 more cents on 10 emails from Hits4Pay today. Remember it's important to refer other members to really make good earnings. I currently recommend both of these programs as my top email picks, check them out and remember these pennies will add up to decent earnings.